Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It's time for this year's edition of the American Civil War Genealogy Blogpost
Challenge. This year I've picked a submission deadline of May 13thto honor
May 13th, 1865, the date of the Battle of Palmito Ranch, Texas. Palmito Ranch
was the last battle of the Civil War.

This is how you can participate:

Did you have ancestors in America during the Civil War? If so, where were they
and what were their circumstances? How did the Civil War affect them and
their family? Did the men enlist and did they perish in battle or die of illness?
On which side did they fight, or did you have relatives fighting on BOTH sides?
How did the women left at home cope, or did any of them find ways to help
the war effort? Were your ancestors living as slaves on Southern plantations
and if so when were they freed?  Or were they freemen of color who enlisted
to fight? 

When the war ended, what did your ancestors do? Were they still living where
they had lived when the war began, or did they move elsewhere to find a new

Have you visited a Civil War battlefield or monument to those who fought?
It could be connected to your family history, or just one that you've visited
at some point.

If your ancestors had not emigrated to America as yet, what was their life
like around the time of the Civil War?

The 150 year celebration of the Civil War is a great source for those of us
blogging about our family history. So, let's do a little research over the coming
weeks between now and May 13th. Find out the answers to the questions
I asked and write about them. Or if you think of another topic to do with your
family history and the Civil War, write about that. Send me the link when you
publish it on your blog and I'll post all the links here on May 31st.

This will be the final Civil War Challenge from me, (unless I'm still around in 2035
for the 175th Anniversary), so if you couldn't take part in the earlier editions, this is
your last chance to do so.

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