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This week's post for Amy Johnson Crow's 2015 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge is
my other Upton 6x great grandfather, Deacon Amos Upton. He was a much more
prominent figure in local affairs than his cousin Francis Upton, as his biography
in John Adams Vinton's The Upton Memorial:

Amos Upton 3, (Samuel2, John 1), widely known among his cotemporaries and still spoken of as Deacon Amos Upton, was brother of the preceding, and son of Samuel2 and Abigail (Frost) Upton; born in Darn ers; and baptized there, Oct. 20, 1717; married Dec. 5. 1739, Sahah Bickford, daughter of John Bickford of Salem town. She was admitted into full communion of the church in Danvers, March 28, 1756.

He resided in the north parish in Reading, which is now a town called North Reading, about a mile north east of the present meetinghouse, in a house yet standing, and in good condition. Of the church in that place, under the ministry of Rev. Daniel Putnam [pastor from June 29, 1720, to June 20, 1759], and Rev. Eliab Stone [pastor from May 20, 1761, to Aug. 31, 1822], he was deacon from Feb. 18, 1762, till his death in 1780. He was a man of great energy, and stern Puritan principles.

He died Oct. 6, 1780, aged sixty-three. His wife Sarah outlived him thirty-eight years, and at length died in North Reading, Nov. 17, 1818, at the advanced age of ninety-nine years and seven months. She remembered to have seen and talked with people who were living in this country prior to 1650. Three lives might thus, even at this time, 1872, comprehend our entire history as a people.
He was frequently called to serve his fellow citizens in places of public trust. In 1760, '56 and '61 he was Surveyor of Highways; he was Selectman in 1764.'66 and '68; Assessor and Parish Clerk in 1769; Moderator of North Reading parish in 1767, '72, '74 and '78.

 The Upton Memorial: A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John Upton, of North Reading, Mass. ... Printed for Private Use Bath, Me. 1874

The book has a sketch of Amos Upton's house between pages 64 and 65:

The children of Deacon Amos Upton were—

Amos4, born Oct. 3, 1742; married, 1st Edith Upton4, daughter of Francis,; 2d Joanna Bruce,
3d Hannah Haskell.

Benjamin4, born May 7, 1745; married, 1st Rebecca Putnam. 2d Elizabeth (White) Cowley.

Sarah4, born Nov. 22, 1748; died young.

Eunice4, born Dec. 2. 1751; married, 1st George Upton of Danvers, son of Paul Upton, ; 2d___ Richardson.

 Nathaniel4, born Nov. 28, 1753: married, 1st Sarah Flint, 2d Jerusha Upton, daughter of Jabez

Sarah4, born April 9, 1757; married Job Bancroft of Reading, Jan. 10, 1782.

Rebecca4, born June 28, 1761; married Ephraim Pratt of North Reading, Feb. 24, 1785.

 Eliab4, born 176-; died young.

John4, born June 12, 1768 ; married Hannah Hart.

Notice that three of Amos and Sarah's children married Upton cousins. Another two
married members of two other families related to me, the Haskells and the Bancrofts.

To be continued,

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