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Continuing with the defamation case my ancestor John Acie filed against John Pickard at
the Essex County Quarterly Court, we next have testimony that paints a better picture
of Acie's character, as well as one from John Hopkinson, the suitor of Acie's niece
Hannah Palmer. His reason for the failure of their relationship is a bit amusing:  

Prudence Cotton, aged about thirty-seven years, being required by John Acy of Rowley to testify concerning ruining her former husband, Mr. Anthony Crosbey, deposed that since she had known said Acy, which was ever since she was married to said Crosbey, he had always been faithful to her husband, persuading him always toward peace and quietness and advising him to take heed of and forbear other infirmities which rendered said Crosby obnoxious. He had also been faithful in assisting her and the children since said Crosby's death. Sworn, Mar. 29, 1675, before Samll. Dalton,* commissioner.

Abraham Jewett and Henory Royley deposed that being desired by Mr. Crosbie to witness a deed given by him to Jonathan Plats and John Acie of all his houses and lands within five miles of the town of Rowley, the latter refused to take it, but Crosbie told them it might be well to preserve his estate for his wife and children. Sworn in court.

James Baily, aged about sixty years, and Joseph Trumble, aged twenty-seven years, deposed. Sworn in court.

Ann Swann, aged about sixty years, deposed. Sworn in court.

Benjamin Scott, aged about twenty-five years, deposed. Sworn in court.

Thomas Kimball deposed. Sworn in court.

James Bayly, sr., and Jno. Trumble deposed.

Jno. Hopkinson, aged about twenty-eight years, deposed that "divers years agoe, myself & Hannah pallmer being drawne Into Society one wth another, by some of her relations, our affections in time being set upon each other, it was discovered to my mother, whose consent I laboured to Gaine but she stil remained opposite, & the reasons was she sayd wee were childish: & our beginnings was Contrary to ye way that gods people went in: but her cheif Reason was because she would not be soe near related to y e Acies: which thing when John Acie understood, not many dayes after, he Came to me, & told me he did understand that the match between his Cousin Hannah & this deponant was broke: I Replyed not that I knew of, etc." Sworn in court.

Samuell Brocklebanke and Ezekiell Northend testified. Sworn in court.

Daniell Wickam deposed that being at work at Mr. Crosbie's house, etc. Sworn in court.

John Todd, aged about fifty-four years, deposed. Sworn in court.

John Johnson, aged about sixteen years, deposed that he asked John Acie why he was so set against him as to be Thomas Remmington's chief counsellor, etc. Sworn in court. Abraham Jewet deposed.

Sammuell Plats, sr., and Philip Nellson deposed that John Pickard told them that all the troubles in their town were caused by Mr. Shepard, and if it had not been for him, said Pickard would not have been fined so much in John Acie's action. Further he told them that he being at a meeting with the selectmen, they thought it best to choose the old selectmen to serve again, considering the difficulties of the division of the commons. Sworn in court.


Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume VI (Google eBook) 1675-1678, Essex Institute, Salem Ma 191t

I'll have some thoughts about all this in my next post.

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