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Fellow geneablogger Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small has issued the
52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge. Basically, we have to post something every
week on a different ancestor, whether a story, picture, or research problem. I've
been tracing the ancestral lines of my grandmother Cora Barker. In this post I'll
start looking at her Bailey ancestors.

My 6x great grandfather John Hastings married Edna Bailey, granddaughter of my
immigrant ancestor Richard Bailey:

 ...Edna, daughter of Joseph Bailey, and granddaughter of Richard Bailey, of Rowley, who is said to have come from Yorkshire, England, some time from 1630 to 1638; he is represented then as a lad of some fifteen years, a very pious person, called on to pray for the safety of the ship during a storm encountered on the passage; the ship was the "Bevis," one hundred and fifty tons. Richard Bailey was one of a company to inaugurate at Rowley the first cloth mill in America; his death occurred between 1647 aml 1650, aged thirty-three to thirty-five years perhaps, just in the young flush of middle life. p1752

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Volume 4 (Google eBook)
Henry Sweetser Burrage, Albert Roscoe Stubbs Lewis historical publishing Company,  New York 1909

I searched online for more information and found Richard's will  in a collection of Essex
County, Ma. probate files. (There are three volumes that I've found so far and they are free
on Google ebooks. Check them out if you haven't already!): 

Estate or Richard Bailey of Rowley.

"Rowley 15 of the last 1647. I Richard Baly sick in body but of perfect memory praised be God doe ordeine and make this my last will and Testament first I comende my soule into the hands of God in faith of a ioyfull resurrection throw our Lord Jesus Christ And as concerning my outward estate first my minde and  will is that all my  lawfull debts be paid and discharged. Ite my will is that fforty and tow pounds I giue vnto my sonn Joseph Baly but in case my wife should be with Child then my will is that the said sum of tow and forty pounds be deuided, and one third part thereof my other child shall haue it Item my will is that my Child shall haue a fether bedd in part of the said portion also one Great Bible and Practicall Catachisme Ite my will and minde is that if my wife Edna Baly marry againe and hir husbande proue vnlouing to the Child or Children or wastefull then l giue power to my Brother James Baly aud Micael Hobkinson with my wife hir Consent to take the Child with his portion from him and so to dispose of it for the Best behoofe of the children with my wifes consent Ite I giue my house and lott vnto my son Joseph Baly after my wife hir dissease Ite I giue to my Son tow stuffe Sutes of Cloaths and my best Coate, and a Cloath sute and my best hatt, and I giue to my Brother James Baly a great Coate one paire of buck lether Breches and a paire of Bootes one little Booke I giue to my nephew John Baly I giue vnto Thomas Palmer one Gray hatt one Cloath dublit and an old Jackie and a paire of Gray Breeches Ite I make my wife Edna Baly executrix of this my last will and Testament Memoradad and I giue eleuen shillings which is owing to me from Mr Rogers Ipswich and mr Johnson vnto the poore of the Towne." Rich baly.
Witness: Humfrey Reyner, willem Cavis.
Proved 28: 1: 1648, by Humphry Reynor, and 29: 1: 1648, by Jeames Bayley.

Inventory taken 23: 6: 1648, by Joseph Jewitt, Maxemillean Jowett and Mathew Boyes, allowed 27: 7: 1648: In monyes, 2li. 12s.; one Box and small things in it, 1li.; two stuffe sutes of Cloathes, 1li. 10s.; one Gray hatt, 10s.; one Cloath Suite, 1li. 10s.; one peece of fustian, 6s.; one Cloath Coate, 1li. 6s.; two Childes Mantles, 15s.; ticking for two boulsters, 10s.; one paire of Brasse Scales and weights, 6s. 6d.; two Couerletts & two Ruggs, 2li. 15s.; fiue Blanketts, 1li. lIs.; fiue Pillowes, 11s. ; one feather bed tick, 7s.; one Brasse Putt & a Still, 1li. 19s.; a Parcell of old Cloathes, 1Li.; a Bagg wt some Gotten woole, 12s. ; a Bagg wt. Inke stuffe, 7s.; foure Cushings & a leather girdle, 5s.; an old Coate, 3s.; two Basketts wth six pounds of Cotton yarne, 15s.; in little stone potts, 4s.; two Bed Coords, 2s.; one Barrell, Is.; one trough wt. Leather satchels & baggs, 14s.; one sword, 5s.; one Muskett wt. bandiliers, 1Li.; one Brasse Morter & Pestill, 3s. 4d.; one Lanterne, Is.; in Brasse, 3li. 12s.; one Iron Pott, 12s.; one Fouleing peece, 15s.; in Puter, 1Li. 18s.; one Case of Bottles, 5s.; a Parcell of Bookes, 2li. 12s. 6d.; two Chests, 11s. ; flue Cushings, 7s.; in Iron tooles, 1li. 14s.; in milke vessell, 9s. 6d.; a paire of Bellowes, 6d.; a stoole, a Box and a Dreaping Pan, 10s.; one dwelling house, l0li.; one Barne, 5li.; broken up land, meadows & Comons, 14li.; in Come and hay, 8li.; in Cattle, 22li. 10s.; in Swine, 1Li. 10s.; in Linen, 3li. 15s.; three Temses, 3s.; one feather bed wt. boulsters & other bedding, 4li. a. ; a Churne and Iron Pott wt. some Puter, and two wheeles, 17s.; total, 106H. 8s. l0d.

Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 98.


The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts: 1635-1664 Vol1 (Google eBook)
Essex Institute, 1916  Salem, Ma.

I wish I knew what those "Temses" were!

When Richard Bailey died, his son Joseph Bailey was around fourteen years old. He'll
be the subject of my next post in the 52 Weeks series.

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