Thursday, September 18, 2014


When I read Randy Seaver's blogpost about the Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Records, 1648-1871, being up over at the website
the first thing I did was go to my RootsMagic6 database and run a "Who Was Where
List" from the Reports menu. I made it for anyone who had lived, died, or was
married in Middlesex County from 1600 to 1800. I didn't know exactly when all of
my ancestors came there but I felt using 1600 (30 years or so before the probable date)
would do for the start point and by 1800 my Dad's ancestral lines had moved up to
Maine and New Hampshire. One of my hopes using the Probate Files website was not
just to find records for names on the list but to find those that would help push some of
my lines a generation or two further back. One of those I was looking to that with was
the family of Sarah Nutt.

Sarah Nutt is my 8x great grandmother from my paternal grandmother Cora Bertha
Barker's side of the family. I knew she was born in England but she married John Wyman
in Woburn, Middlesex, Ma. in 1644 so it was possible her parents had brought her over
to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. I decided to run a search on the Middlesex County
Probate Records for anyone named Nutt living there from 1600-1700.

And this is what the result was:

Well, just one file, for a Miles Nutt, filed in 1674. Could this be Sarah Nutt's father?
I opened the file and then looked at the three images...

A will! Fantastic! I did the genealogist's Happy Dance (silently, in my
head, so as not to wake my neighbors. I've been doing a lot of those silent
Happy Dances because of these Middlesex County Probate Files).
Then I took a closer look, and realized I had a problem,

To be continued.

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