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A few more things from David Webster Hoyt's family genealogy:

On the records  of the Hampton Court, 3, 8m, 1650, we find: "John Hoyt tooke 
the oath of fidelitie, att this prsent Court." He was one of the "Grand Jurie" in 
1652, and several times afterwards served in the same capacity, and also as 
one of the "Jurie of Tryalls." A "Jn° Hoyt of Salisbury tooke ye fFreemans oath" 
before the Salisbury Court, 2m, 1663, but it was probably (3) John2, especially 
as there was a John Hoyt on the grand jury at the same court.

John1 Hoyt was a Sergeant of the Salisbury Military Company, and was frequently 

called "Sargent Hoyt." From the Massachusetts Records, we learn that in May, 
1658, the General Court answered the "request of Sarjant Hoyte & Sarjt Stephens, 
that Phillip Challice might be confirmed left. to ye ffoote company in Salisbury," 
by referring "the determination thereof to ye next County Court of that county." 
"Sargent Jn° Hoyt" was freed by the Salisbury Court, 9, 2m 1667, "from all traynings, allowing to y° Millitary company of Salisbury: tenn groats p annii." "John Hoyt 
senr" was also one of "the Commissioned and other officers of the Militia in the
County of Norfolk," who signed a petition to the General Court in May, 1671, 
complaining of Capt. Pike's appointment over them the year previous as Sergeant

He had two wives, both named Frances. He probably married his first wife about 

1635 (2), though we have found no record of it. She died Feb. 23,1642-3, and he 
married his second wife in 1643 or '44 (7). His second wife survived him, and 
was living in 1697. The town records of Amesbury state that "Sargent Jn° Hoyt 
sen. died on ye 28th day & was buried on ye 29 day of Feb. An. Dom. 1687-88." 
The county records at Salem state that he died on the 29th of February, but the town records are probably correct. p19
Hoyt family: A genealogical history of John Hoyt of Salisbury, and David Hoyt of Deerfield, (Massachusetts,) and their descendants: with some account of the earlier Connecticut Hoyts, and an appendix, containing the family record of William Barnes of Salisbury, a list of the first settlers of Salisbury and Amesbury, & c (Google eBook) by David Webster Hoyt (C. Benjamin Richardson, Boston, Ma. 1857)

I've not been able to find any record of John Hoyt's marriage to the second Frances in either the Salisbury or Amesbury vital records.  David Webster Hoyt lists the Hoyt children:

Children of (1) John1 Hoyt and Frances, his first wife.

(2) I. Frances,2 b.___
 ;m. 1st., John Colby, Jan. 14, 1655-6, and 2d, John Barnard, Dec. 27, 1676. She d. in Amesbury, Jan. 2, 1720-1, probably aged about 85 years.

(3) II. John,2 b. about 1638; m. Mary Barnes, dau. Wm. and Rachel Barnes, June 

23, 1659 ...

(4) III. Thomas,2 br Jan. 1, 1640-1; m. Mary Brown, dau. of William and Elisabeth Brown of Salisbury

(5) IV. Gregorie,2 b. Jan. 1, 1640-1; d. Jan. 1, 1641-2.

(6) V. Elisabeth, 2 b. Feb. 23,1642-3.

Children of (1) John1 Hoyt and Frances, his second wife.

(7) VI. Sarah 2 b. Jan. 16, 1644-5; d. Feb. 26, 1644-5.

(8) VII. Mary, 2 b. Feb. 20, 1645-6; probably m. Christopher Bartlet,
of Newbury, Dec. 19 [or 17 ?], 1663.

(9) VIII. Joseph, 2 b. May 13, 1648; d. April 19, 1648, according to the records. 

Probably a mistake in the month of one of the dates.

(10) IX. Joseph,2 b. Nov. 27, 1649; d. Jan. 24, 1649-50.

(11) X. Marah,2 b. Nov. 24, 1653; d. Dec. 1, 1653.

(12) XI. Naomi,2 b. Jan. 23, 1654-5; probably m. John Lovejoy,
Andover, March 23, 1677-8.

(13) XII. Dorothie,2 b. April 13, 1656

(14) XIII. Mehetabel 2 b. Oct. 25, 1664.


I've written previously about Dorothy Hoyt being brought to Court for dressing in
mens clothes. (Scandalous!!)

To be continued...

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