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Here's another of the letters recently found in the Fred Blanchard house in
Berlin NH. Helen Blanchard was the daughter of Fred Blanchard and  Eliza Ann
"Lizzie" (Ellingwood) and is my 2nd cousin 2x removed. Helen's granduncle
was my 2x great grandfather Asa F Ellingwood.

Helen was 19 years old at the time this was written and apparently had been
ill. I don't know what the nature of her illness was but it must have been
something that required a personal nurse for some time. Also, the letter
is postmarked from Providence RI. I do know that she recovered from
whatever had ailed her and married Lewis Whipple om 1907.  They
ended up living in Rhode Island where Helen died on 29sep 1939. I've
wondered how the Blanchards all eventually ended up in Rhode Island;
perhaps it began with Helen's stay there.

Mentioned in  the letter are several Ellingwood relatives:  William
Ellingwood ("Uncle Willie"), Rosella Ellingwood ("Aunt Rose") and
Lettice Ellingwood ("Aunt Lettie"). "Mamma" was Fred Blanchard's
second wife, Anna Hutchinson.

Thanks again to K. who found these letters and  allowed me to share them.

Dear Papa and Mamma
I thought just a few words written by myself would be welcome even
though you had heard from me other ways.

I am feeling well for me; have been down stairs to dinner every day this
week, and was down for a little while Sun. I had a call from Uncle Willie
that day too. I haven't such a ferocious appetite now but eat enough

Dr Lakes(?) says I cannot come home this week I am only waiting for

(page 2)
a pleasant day to go out on the lawn for a few minutes.
Aunt Lettie and Aunt Rose were down to see me yesterday.
My nurse is still here but she has very little to do for me. Dr says I
don't need a trained nurse any longer, that there is little but what I
could do for myself. But I guess he thinks it is not his place to send
her away now that he has said that. I like to have her stay but dont
want to or feel as if I ought to after I don't need a nurse.
All are well as usual.
Love to you all
Apr.20/98    Helen.

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