Tuesday, July 31, 2012


There's been a lot of talk about that trendy computer topic, "The Cloud".
Sometimes I feel like the developers of these concepts are like Madison
Ave. advertising companies that used to tell us how we NEEDED the latest
gadget, should drink the "cool" beers or wear the trendiest clothes. Instead,
we now NEED to put all our stuff online in "The Cloud". (Can't you just
imagine George Carlin doing a routine on "a cloud for our stuff'.?)

Well, grumpy old reprobate that I am, I haven't put any of my genealogy "stuff"
into "The Cloud" via Evernote or Dropbox. I don't have a smartphone so I don't
have a need for their apps on my phone, and while I suppose I could make use of
the two sites with my laptop I haven't. On the other hand, I do make use "The
Cloud" in another way. I have my family tree on five different genealogy

I know that seems a bit of overkill but chalk it up to a bit of paranoia. I figure
if one of my trees disappears, then I have a backup. And a backup to a backup,
and a backup to the backup to the first backup, and so on. These are in various
stages, with the being the most complete gedcom. The plan is to
eventually upload the gedcom from Ancestry to the other sites. Meanwhile,
all five sites act as cousin bait. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I just remembered I need to back up this blog to my
mirror site on Wordpress.


Michael Davies said...

Bill, you make me laugh but that is exactly what I do:) I use the cloud for so many things but not for genealogy, I'm not sure why but I just hesitate to do it for some reason. It was you who told me about putting the family tree in as many places as possible!

Christine said...

Bill, I cringe when I hear any talk about the "CLOUD". Two year ago I got I was sent to an Oracle Open World conference after someone else couldn't go. It was a very technical conference for a Functional IT person. Although I got to stop in Salt Lake and do some research on the way home I never want to attend that conference again. I had never heard of the "CLOUD" until then and after that conference never wanted to here about it again.

I have also publish to some of the genealogy sites but not recently.