Friday, December 16, 2011


Awhile back while researching my Barker family lines, I found my
granduncle in the 1910 U.S. Census living with his Uncle and
Aunt Owen and Lucy Demerritt in Newry, Oxford, Me.

Now I know that it was a hard to read page so I can understand
how Henry L Barker might be incorrectly read as Henry R. Berker.
But whoever indexed it listed his relationship to the head of household
as ...Hefben.


So, I sent a comment to on November 29th:

"Relationship to household is Nephew"

I got an email back today:
"Thank you for taking time to submit alternate data to 
Your data has been added to our indexes so other Ancestry members 
can easily find the information you shared....
...We appreciate your efforts to help us improve the quality of our 
\genealogical records."

But when I clicked on the link, I found poor Henry is still listed as a Hefben.



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Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

I wrote a comment to them too. My great grandfather, Patrick O'Rourke, was listed as Patrick Aluke. The correction appeared later in parenthesis underneath the original.

My biggest question was how they got Aluke out of O'Rourke>