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Since my last post on John Wesley Ellingwood's family I've found a
possible date for the arrival of him and his family in Canada. While researching
his son Oscar P Ellingwood on I found the Canadian Immigrant
Records Part One on which Oscar gives the date of his immigration to
Canada as 1864. He would have been 16 years old at the time. As I said
in that previous post, neither Oscar nor his brother Enoch Merill Ellingwood
are with the rest of the family on the 1870 U.S. Census for Moeers, N.Y.
Oscar had the best reason in the world to striker out on hs own: he'd
gotten married.

Oscar married Sarah Major on 20Oct 1867 in Canaan, Vt. Canaan is
just across the border from Canada and not far from Hereford Quebec
where Oscar and Sarah would spend most of the rest of their lives. It
would play a large part in the lives of both Ellingwood brothers because,
I think, it was the closest town or city that had s justice of the peace
or minister. And even though Oscar is found on the Canadian Census
for 1871 through 1911, he might have moved back and forth over the
border between the U.S.and Canada as his financial situation dictated.
In 1881, for example, he is on the Canadian census for Hereford as a
farmer, but just a year before, he and Sarah and the children are on the
1880 U.S. Census for Millsfield N.H. where Oscar is listed as a laborer.

Oscar and Sarah had four children that I've found records for:

Caroline Maria Ellingwood (1873-1947)
Wesley Thomas Ellingwood (1875-1932)
Martha Ellingwood(1882-1963)
John Merrill Ellingwood (1883-1943)

Oscar died in 1912 at age 64 having outlived Sarah by eight years.

I'll discuss his brother Enoch Merrill Ellingwood next.

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