Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Talk about synchronicity...

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm in the midst of transcribing the
Civil War Disability Pension file of my 2x great grandfather Asa Freeman
Ellingwood. Now, last Friday night I checked into cousin Chris Dunham's
Maine Genealogy Network website and saw his post that FamilySearch
had posted Maine court record images. I followed the link over to the
site and didn't see any listing for Oxford County yet, but there was a link
just labeled Maine,

I clicked on it. The link on the next screen said "Military Records-Civil  War".
One more click and I was on a page listing the various Union Army units
from the state of Maine, and on it I found the following:

The second page of the Descriptive Roll of Co, I of the 5th  Infantry. Asa Ellingwood's
name and description is on line 46. He is listed as a mechanic from Paris Me. and
described as being 31 years of age and being 5' 8" in height with light complexion:

Next I found the Enlistment Rolls for the 5th Infantry for Bethel Maine and found Asa's
signature twice: once in the right hand panel on line 34 dated May 2, 1861, then on line
34 in the second column on the right hand side of the screen:

The third image was the also from the Enlistment Rolls and might be the reverse
side of the second half of the previous image. In a group of men on the right hand
side from Oxford County taking the "oath of fidelity to the United States"  on May
3rd 1861 is the name of Asa Ellingwood.

So, exactly 150 years ago to the day I am writing this, my 2x great grandfather
enlisted in the Union Army, then took the oath of fidelity the next day, and by May
28th he was part of Co I of the 5th Maine Infantry. And by some synchronicity, I
happened to see Chris Dunham's post on the Maine Genealogy Network that
lead me to these documents just in time to celebrate that anniversary.

Thanks, Chris!


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Leah said...

Wow, talk about perfect timing! Reminds me of when I found out I had ancestors who fought in the Battle of Bennington. The day I learned all this just so happened to be the anniversary of the battle.