Monday, May 23, 2011


When I was a kid my family often visited the cottage owned by
my Mom's Aunt and Uncle Peggy and Leo McCue out at Hough's
Neck in Quincy. In later years the cottage was sold and the
scene shifted to cousin Bobby McCue's place in Marshfield. By
that time I was in my 20's and didn't go along very often. (I was
worried I'd be mistaken for a beached whale). But my younger
brother did and I think either he or my sister Cheryl took pictures
one day in August of 1976:

Mom & Dad

I'm not sure what Dad is pointing at here.

Dad about to try water skiing

Mom & Cousins
As you can tell from the pictures, my folks enjoyed the beach, and really enjoyed
the time spent with the cousins!

((Written for the 106th Carnival of Genealogy))


Brett Payne said...

Very 70s, and someone's even wearing some Jack Nicholson/Easy Rider sunglasses.

Nancy said...

Your parents look like they are really comfortable around the water. Oh, to live so close to the ocean! Thanks for taking me back a few years.

Kristin said...

It looks like your father is pointing at the photographer. Maybe he didn't want to be photographed any more. Wish we still had a family cottage close by.