Thursday, April 07, 2011


The 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War is five days away
on April 12th and on that day I plan to post the response to the challenge.
I'm going to need time to write intros and such so I'm announcing a deadline
for entries of midnight Sunday night, April 10th for entries.

I've already received some links but not as many as I'd hoped, so if you
haven't had time to research, I'll accept even a post on what you are PLANNING
to research: an ancestor, or some event they took part in tied to the war, or how
it affected them, their family, or the town they lived in, for example.

I've already seen some great posts and I'm hoping to see more!


dee-burris said...

Here's the link for my entry - I've written one which incorporates just about everything I want to say:

I think this was a great idea, Bill.


kevhar72 said...

I am writing a blog about my great-great grandfather who served from April 1861 to July 1865. You can read about him at

Particularly the post Who is LK Harris will give the details of his service. But I plan to tell his story as completely as possible week-by-week on my blog.

Thanks for doing this!

ps-I got his pension file and it was over 200 pages long!

KevinW said...

This is my best Civil War post, it was written last year, so I do not know if you will consider it. --

Kathy Reed said...

This has been an area of focus for me. I currently have about 8 posts that mention the civil war and some more under development. These are my favorite -- especially the first two about Britton Wainright.

Janeen said...

Here's mine, I wanted to add my husband's but have to look them up so all I have is my side for now:

Shelley said...

Bill, thanks for challenging us to do this! You can read my post at:

Jennifer said...

I wrote a post with a short blurb on each of my ancestors that served. You can find it here:


Jennifer Woods

Anglers Rest said...

Here is my contribution -

Greta Koehl said...

Whew ... that was close - it's almost deadline time. But it is finished:

Thanks for a great challenge. I now have my Civil War research outline!

Leah said...

Hi Bill, here is my entry (I hope I'm not too late!):

Linda McCauley said...

With a few minutes to spare, here is my entry.

Dana Huff said...

Bill, mine will be at, but it won't appear until 4/12.