Sunday, April 03, 2011


So we're a little more than a week away from the 150th anniversary of
the firing on Ft. Sumter and the start of the American Civil War on April
12th. That means time is running out to take part in the Civil War Genealogy
Blog Challenge. Here again is what the Challenge is about: 

Did you have ancestors in America on 12Apr 1861? If so, where were they
and what were their circumstances? How did the Civil War affect them and
their family? Did the men enlist and did they perish in battle or die of illness?
On which side did they fight, or did you have relatives fighting on BOTH sides?
How did the women left at home cope, or did any of them find ways to help
the war effort? Were your ancestors living as slaves on Southern plantations
and if so when were they freed?  Or were they freemen of color who enlisted
to fight?

If your ancestors had not emigrated to America as yet, what was their life
like around the time of the Civil War?

The 150 year celebration of the Civil War is a great source for those of us
blogging about our family history. So, let's do a little research over the coming
weeks between now and April 12th. Find out the answers to the questions
I asked and write about them. Or if you think of another topic to do with your
family history and the Civil War, write about that. Send me the link when you
publish it on your blog, and on April 12th I'll publish all the links here.

I'm looking forward to seeing some great posts!


Carol Yates Wilkerson said...

I'm compiling some lists of our Civil War veterans and will let you know when I post it to my blog Bill. Between my husband's and my families we have quite a few. Union and CSA. Ancestry is going to have a wonderful offer of free access to their military records from April 7-14.

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Not that I need another genealogy task for this year - but this is a great idea. So count me in. I'll let you know when I post.

Kristin said...

Gathering my thoughts for the civil war challenge.

theKiwi said...

Bill - I don't know if this counts - I made a post about my wife's Civil War ancestor over a year ago - you can see it here...


Cheryl said...

Hi, Bill - here is my link to my blog with my Civil War post. Thanks for doing this challenge.

Heather Rojo said...

I wrote up a second post for the Civil War Anniversary. The link is I don't know if 2 is too much, but you can let me know...

Miriam said...

Bill, I did mini-biographies for all my Civil War veteran ancestors as well as any brothers of ancestors who served. These were posted for Memorial Day in 2008. My readers can find these by going to my blog and clicking on the Series tab here. There are about 40 individuals highlighted.