Monday, January 03, 2011


My sister Cheryl and brother-in-law Peter gave me a new camera 
for Christmas and I decided to go out and take some pictures with
it last Thursday. We'd had been hit pretty hard in this area by the
blizzard earlier in the week, but eternal optimist that I am I thought
the towns had had sufficient time to clear roads and sidewalks after
three days. And people are being buried everyday, so the cemeteries
would be plowed out, right?


Well, that theory would vanish in the face of cold hard, and snowy
reality. Mt Vernon Cemetery here in Abington was largely unplowed
except for the road that runs about its perimeter. So I drove through
and took some pictures along the way.

This last headstone is right next to the Cornelius Dunham family plot.
Given the ties between the Gurneys and Dunhams, I thought that Amelia
F. D. Gurney might be a Dunham but it turns she was a Dyer, one of the
most prominent families of Abington.

I tried a few more favorite spots but none of them were were cleared
so eventually I drove home.  But there's always another day and I'll
try it again this coming Thursday.


palib said...

I love your pictures, they remind me of New England winter. The Rochester area of NY gets snow, but about one day a week there is sun.

Janet Iles said...

Bill - Cemeteries look beautiful in winter but it is hard to get to most parts of them and reading the monuments can be a challenge.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Heather Rojo said...

Bill, your ubiquitous date stamp no longer shows up! LOL! Congrats on your new camera.