Monday, January 31, 2011


Alright, there's been some developments regarding a possible connection
with relatives descended from my maternal great great grandparents
Anne Byrne and Patrick Kelley who were Irish but living in Edinburgh

First, there's what little I already knew. In the 1979 phone conversation
with my cousin Nancy she gave me some information from the marriage
certificate of their daughter Anne Kelley and John McFarland. It lists her
father as Patrick Kelley who lived at 51 Blackfriar Rd. in Edinburgh.
The marriage took place on 16May 1879 at St Patrick's Church.

From another cousin, John(who was named after his grandfather John
McFarland) I had a reference to someplace called the Iron Cathedral,
and that Ann had been born in Roscommon, Ireland.

Now, after my last post, Dee Blakeley sent me the information she'd found  
from the hints on the World membership site from the
1871 and 1881 Scotland Census. First, the 1871 entry:

Name: Ann Kelly
Age: 12
Estimated birth year: abt 1859
Relationship: Daughter
Father's name: Patrick Kelly
Mother's name: Ann Kelly
Gender: Female
Where born: Ireland
Registration Number: 685/3
Registration district: Canongate
Civil Parish: Edinburgh Iron Church
County: Midlothian
Address: 18 Blackfriars St
ED: 12
Household schedule number: 33
Line: 7
Roll: CSSCT1871_161
Household Members: Name Age
Patrick Kelly 42 b 1829 in IRE
Ann Kelly 40 b 1831 in IRE
Mary Kelly 14 b 1857 in IRE
Ann Kelly 12
John Kelly 10 b 1861 in IRE
Sarah Kelly 3 b 1868 in Edinburgh
Robert Kelly 6 M b 1870 in Edinburgh

There's Blackfriars St. although the wrong street number. I found the
names of the siblings interesting because many of Ann Kelly McFarland's
children now appear to me to have been named after her brothers and sisters.

Next, the entry for 1881, two years after Ann had married John McFarland
and left for America.

1881 Scotland Census
Name: Patrick Kelley
Age: 52
Estimated birth year: abt 1829
Relationship: Head
Spouse's name : Ann Kelley
Gender: Male
Where born: Co Rosscommon, Ireland
Registration Number: 685/3
Registration district: Canongate
Civil Parish: Edinburgh Iron Church
County: Midlothian
Address: 54 Blackfriars Street
Occupation: General Labourer
ED: 8
Household schedule number: 42
Line: 8
Roll: cssct1881_287
Household Members: Name Age
Patrick Kelley 52
Ann Kelley 49 b 1832 in Co Rosscommon, Ireland
Sarah Kelley 13 b 1868 in Torn Church, Edinburgh

Thanks again Dee for sending these along to me!

As I mentioned in the previous post, there were two family trees on Ancestry
that also had this information. I messaged them both, and heard back from the
owner of one who is a very nice lady who is living not in Scotland but in New
Zealand. She and I are inclined to believe we are indeed cousins, her descent 
being from another child of Patrick Kelly and Anne Byrne. I haven't heard yet
from the other person but I have also left a message for them on their Facebook

Finally, last night I sent off to the NARA for the naturalization record of John
McFarland. I'm hoping there'll be more information on it to further confirm my
belief that these are indeed my mom's grandparents.

So what do my readers think?

Am I right in believing this?


Sheri said...

YES! Oh how exciting! I just love it when stuff like this Happens!

dee-burris said...

I think you are on the right track.

When I saw both addresses on Blackfriars Street, I hoped.

Now that I see the other details, I believe this will get you a little farther along.

So exciting, this journey is, even watching someone else's...