Sunday, June 27, 2010


I took an after dinner walk tonight down Lincoln Blvd past my old
alma mater Abington High School. Strange to call it "old". It was
barely open a year when I started there as a sophomore but
that was 46 years ago now. I guess we both qualify as old. There
was no traffic on the street and I only saw two cars during the 20
minute walk down to the turnaround and back. The only other
living things were some birds and a very small rabbit who seemed
unafraid and let me get within a few feet of it.

Or maybe it was just frozen in terror.

The side of the road across from the school is a morass of bushes
and trees overgrown with vines. There were some small berries, red
and black, but I didn't touch any. In all that mass I'm sure there's
poison oak, sumac, or ivy somewhere and with my luck I'd brush
up against it. I'll bring the camera next time and take a picture to
identify them. I was pleasantly surprised by not having to wave off

With that solid wall of brush and vine any animal further in is
well protected from detection. I wouldn't be surprised if that is where
the doe who showed up outside my bathroom window the other
night came from. A look at GoogleMaps when I came home showed
me there's enough cover in this area of town to hide a whole dang
herd of deer or maybe a moose or three, and we in these apartments
would never know they were so close at hand.

The field behind the high school had a thick mist on it and the sun was
red and looked huge setting. By the time I got back here it was nearly
dark. It was a nice relaxing walk, and I hope to do it more often in the
weeks ahead.

And I'll be sure to bring the camera.


Laura said...

What a pleasent walk, thanks for sharing it. : )

Terri said...

What a nice evening walk, felt like I was with you......