Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Earlier this evening I was sitting here pondering all the material I've found of late which include the following images and records:

The Federal NonPopulation Agricultural and Business Schedules from on my 2x great-grandfather Jonathan Phelps West and his brothers Hiram and Asa West, my 3x great grandfather Nathaniel Baker, my 2x great grandfathers Nathaniel S. Barker and Hastings Barker, and 3x great grandfather Westley (Wesley) Coburn.

The Last Payment Pension Voucher Records for my
Revolutionary War Veteran ancestors John Ames, Asa Barrows, Amos
Upton, Jonathan Barker, and Jonathan's brothers Benjamin and Jesse Barker.

The full text of a book about my Coburn ancestors,Genealogy of the
Descendants of Edward Colburn/Coburn.

The records from Family Search Record Search and on
my maternal White and Offinger family lines.

Now I have all this information. What are my next moves?

The first thing I've done is make back up copies of everything. Next:

I need to copy the transcription images from Family Search to make sure
I have the information I need to find or order the images of the originals
at the FHC.

I need to finish entering the information on the Whites and Offingers into
myPAF and RM4 files.

I need to print out copies of the images and the new family groups to add
to the appropriate 3-ringed binders.

I need to remember to properly cite the sources for this material now
rather than attempting to do so in a few months.

I need to analyze what these records tell me about these ancestors' lives.

I need...

I need....

I need a clone!


Carol said...

I'll take two, clones that is, but, since I am asking/needing, better send FOUR or MORE!!

Brenda said...

I find it's always more fun to do research than to organize until I need that piece of information that I know I have somewhere. It sounds like you have a good plan.

T.K. said...

I need to make a list of steps to follow when I find something, and I'm gonna let yours be my guide, Bill. Thanks!