Sunday, May 02, 2010


I was able to view the Spike Lee episode season finale of "WDYTYA?"
online last night. Another fascinating show, even though not my
favorite one of the season. (My favorites were the SJP, Mathew Broderick
and Susan Sarandon installments; the least favorite was Brookes Shields).
I agree with Thomas MacEntee that more investigation into whether
slave owner Griswold was indeed Spike's ancestor would have been good,
but I'm not surprised that he didn't look further. It seemed to me that
Spike was uncomfortable at times with what he learned, and that's
understandable. Many people, both black and white, have difficulty with
the slavery issue and their family's involvement in it. And people should
be aware that sometimes there are unpleasant chapters in our family
histories when we start looking into them.

All in all, I was quite pleased with the first season. I expect to see the
show stick to the same formula of highlighting celebrities. I know some
of my fellow geneabloggers would like to see ordinary people as
subjects, but the producers know celebrities attract viewers. I believe
the original BBC version hasn't used ordinary people either.

But the best thing about Season 1 is that it IS Season 1! I'm happy the
show has been renewed and look forward to Season 2. Hopefully we'll
see it this fall and not have to wait until 2011 to enjoy it.

Congratulations to Lisa Kudrow and her fellow producers!


Harriet said...

My daughter and I enjoyed watching the First Season and look forward to the SECOND! Our favorite was the Susan Sarandon episode. It seemed more like what We ordinary people might find. I'm with you I hope we see season 2 this fall.

Nicola Roberts said...

I'm hoping they show the series in the UK as I've loved all of the BBC shows and look forward to a slightly different slant to things from the US.
The BBC has stuck with celebrities, but this seems to have worked pretty well as generally they are just people who were born into standard families, so the tales are just the kind you or I could find in our trees.

A rootdigger said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the support and congratulations. I see your link links only one.???
I also think possibly that your blogging is probably responsible for someone [Coon] finding my blog. Thanks for that too. [Blogging is great, hug]
I loved reading what you thought of the show too. [smile]I find I am into it all the way to the end.