Friday, May 28, 2010


This is the second unsolicited email I've received from someone
associated with your site asking me to check out one of your blogposts
and suggesting that I "feature or mention it" here on my blog. The
first one apparently had something to do with Japan, and for the life
of me I couldn't figure out by what stretch of the imagination the
writer thought that had any relevance to New England genealogy.
Mildly annoyed, I did what I usually do with such emails.

I didn't click the link and I deleted the email.

Then this morning I received a second email. I'm sure you're a
nice person. Perhaps you are working your way through online
college by sending out emails to solicit traffic to your website.
So I won't mention your name. But now I am a bit peeved.

Stop sending me emails. I've marked this one as spam so it's
going the way of the first one with link unclicked.

But I AM mentioning it on my blog. Sort of. Just not in the
way I think you had hoped.

And have a NICE Day!


Donna - What's Past is Prologue said...


LOL - I got the same two crap emails!


Sharon said...

Me too! You said it perfectly ;)

Linda McCauley said...

I also received the one today. Oddly, the person's name on the e-mail is my maternal grandmother's name. Seemed like a huge coincidence, made me wonder if they personalized their spam.

Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Gosh, how did I miss out on the Japan one? Heehee.

Well, I did click on the link and you can read in my blog what I found. Not pretty.

Greta Koehl said...

Well, I'm peeved. I didn't get the Japan one, either. Now I feel like a real nobody!

Tracy said...

I have gotten one of these too. I also hit the big Delete button. Now I wonder if I'll get another one....