Saturday, February 06, 2010


Once again it's the time of year when awards are handed
out, even in the geneablogging community. As a member of
the AGFH(Academy of Genealogy & Family History) it;s my
pleasure to select the best blog posts in five different
categories So without further ado, here are my picks for the
2009 West in New England Genie Awards!

Best Picture-The gravestone of John Cutter West (1802-1862).
I didn't post very many pictures to the blog in `09 but even if I had
I'd choose this one. It reminds me of the location beside the
highway and of the nearby headstones of his granchildren who had
died in the diptheria outbreak of 1862.

Best Screen Play-The Haskell Inheritance.
This is actually a series of posts recounting the legal battle between
the children of Roger Haskell and their stepfather Edward Berry
over their inheritance. I'd like to see Ted Danson play Berry, Glenn Close
play Elizabeth (Hardy) Haskell Berry, Robbie Coltrane as Uncle William
Haskell, and in the epilogue, Betty White as Beatrice Berry,

Best Documentary- Cyprian Stevens' Letter
The text of Cyprian Steven's letter to the governor and his council
asking for aid for the citizens of Lancaster, Ma who were under siege by
Indians. If this were ever turned into a screenplay it would be part
of a documentary series on Lancaster in the 17th century!

Best Biography-The Jeremiah Swain Series
I was extremely fortunate to find a lot of material on Jeremiah, including
his correspondence with the Governor's Council. This is a prime example
of the value of Google Books in genealogical research. Oh, and I'd cast
John Hamm in the movie version.

Best Comedy-Geneablogger Blues
I was tired and struggling to come up with a blog topic, and for some
reason I started composing this. It tickled my funnybone and from the
comments I got about it, it seems it did the same for some of my readers.
In fact, what better way to close out the awards?

"I've got the Geneablogger Blues
Have some mercy if you please
And that will conclude
The Third Annual Genies!"

Thank you. Thank you very much!

((written for the 90th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy))


Herstoryan said...

I mentioned you in my SNGF post! :)

J.M. said...

Those are some great posts. Especially the Haskell Inheritance story is fascinating. And to think some poeple are only excited when they find 'famous' people in their family tree! The 'ordinary' ones are often so much more interesting.