Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Kathryn Lake Hogan over at "Looking4Ancestors" issued a challenge
to her fellow geneabloggers entitled "Would You Care to Comment?".
The idea was for each of us to visit 10 other geneablogs, a mixture of old
favorites and new (to us) blogs, within a week and to leave a comment
on them. The idea was that by leaving a comment a dialogue starts and
then connections among the geneablogging community grow stronger.

Well, it was Sunday, so I got right to it and had my ten by the end of
the day. Here are the blogs, a short description on what I commented on,
and whether it was the first time I'd commented on that blog.

Kathryn's "Looking4Ancestors" (this actually was the second blog I
had commented on in the morning. My comment was on the actual challenge

Becky Jamison's "Grace and Glory" (Becky posted about finding a picture
of her great grandmother Emma Cornelia Strait on

Julie Cahill Tarr's "Genblog" (Julie 's blog made the Alltop site! Yay! First
time comment.)

Elyse Doerflinger's "Elyse's Genealogy Blog" (Elyse has a case of an ancestor
enumerated twice on the 1880 census which reminded me of Wesley Coburn!
First time comment)

Judith Richards Shubert's "Genealogy Traces" (An older post about "Lucy
Puckett and Cowart Children From 1918 Influenza is a heartbreaker. First
time comment)

Holly Timms' "Genealogy Musings" (Holly talked about how sometimes it's easy to
have our interest piqued by someone not directly related to our family while doing
research. First time comment.)

Tim Abbott's "Walking the Berkshires" (This was my first comment. Tim's doing two
freelance columns for his local paper and the articles were excellent. Check them out!)

Thomas MacEntee's "Destination: Austin Family" (Thomas has a new website,
"Thomas 2.0". Take a look and give him some feedback.)

Terry Thornton's "Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi" (Terry's entry into
the CoG's "Fact or Fiction" edition is about something called the Graveyard
Rabbit. Read it and see which you think it is.)

Sherri Bush's "Twig Talk" (Likewise a CoG entry "The Eyes of Old Tom". Boy
this CoG is going to have some great posts! First time comment.)


Terry Thornton said...

Hi Bill, Thanks for the comment at Hill Country and for the link here. I agree with Kathryn's basis premise --- we need to let other writers know that we are reading and that we appreciate their work. Thanks to you both.

Now on the matter of my COG post, Fact or Fiction? I believe the rules of the game is I have to wait to tell.


Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Greetings Bill,
Wow, post #400! Congrats! I'm glad you participated in the challenge. I've been having a great time reading some new-to-me blogs and catching up on some of my favourites, and of course, leaving comments.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Congratulations on Post #400 Bill!


Bill West said...

Thanks Kathryn and Thomas!