Friday, October 10, 2008


Besides the West Family Bible that my Aunt Dorothy gave me on the
road trip my sister Cheryl and I took this past August, I have two other
bibles here in my apartment. Both of them are at least forty years old.
One is the bible I bought as a student at Cathedral High School in
Boston. Once a week we assembled for Bible Study.

The other is an older, larger bible that sat for years on top of my parent's
dresser in their bedroom. I'm not sure if it was originally my mothers or
if it had belonged to her mother, my grandmother Agnes McFarland. It
has a tattered leather cover and it looks like one or more of us kids got to
it at some point or another. There are two torn pages in Numbers. Somebody
used a hole puncher on the pages of the introduction. And there's some
scribbling on the blank pages before the title page.

I was looking at it just now to see if Mom or my grandmother had used the
Family Record pages but found they were blank. And now this raises the question
for me of whether I should fill in the births, marriages and deaths?

Should I just list our immediate family, or should I include the earlier generations
before Mom and Dad?

Even more important, should I inflict my truly horrible handwriting on future
generations of the family?


Judith Richards Shubert said...

Guess Sheriff Loomis didn't need more than one local to help!

Anonymous said...

Well, you could always cheat and print out pedigree charts, thereby answering the question of what to include AND sparing future generations from the handwriting! ;)


M. Diane Rogers said...

nIf you want to include people further back than your mum & dad, as long as you sign & date your writing, with a 'disclaimer', you'd be all right. Of course, if there was room you could add all your citations!
(And your handwriting may give someone an interesting puzzle or two someday.)