Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was digging through some of the dresser drawers tonight
hunting for some old report cards I had kicking around for
years. I didn't find them as yet, but I did find this Merit
Award from June of 1959 which was, I think , for fourth
grade. Third grade was a nightmare as I tried to switch
from one school system's (Malden) way of teaching math
to the more traditional math taught in Boston. So I KNOW I
didn't get an A or B in Math that year, despite Mom's
vigorous attempts to get me up to speed on the higher
numbers in the multiplication tables.

So, yeah, this must have been fourth grade and the zenith of
my school career at the Frank V. Thompson. I don't recall
making the Honor Roll there very much and math was always
the bane of my young existence. Heck, it was all the way
through college graduation! I still occasionally have a dream
in which a request for my college transcript leads to the
discovery that I hadn't graduated after all because of some
bad grade in math or chemistry.

I haven't found the report cards yet. When I do, I'll scan
them and post them here, and then challenge my fellow
geneabloggers to show theirs.

I bet we all got good grades for "Works Well With Others"!

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