Sunday, May 04, 2008


I routinely Google for news stories involving history or
genealogy and today was taken aback by reports that the
Vatican has instructed Catholic dioceses worldwide not to
allow LDS members access to copy diocesan records.
Obviously, this is a blow to those of Catholic descent who
might find information and images on FamilySearch.

The issue is the rebaptism controversy but I must confess
to a certain amount of skepticism as well. I have to wonder
if the recent boom in genealogy might not have called
attention to the fact that if Church records are available free
from the LDS, the Church loses out on the fees they charge
for making copies of the records for researchers.

Here's a link to the Catholic News Service story. After
rereading it just now, I noticed the order from the Vatican
was issued before the Pope's visit to America but wasn't
made public until now.

And for the record, I'm Catholic myself. Another Church
policy I disagree with, I'm afraid.


Janice said...

Oh crayola! First they ban my favorite book, "The Da Vinci Code," and now this!!

Surely those red-capped guys have way too much time on their hands :D


Steve said...

The Catholic News Service Story is dated May 2, but I heard about this on April 19 while I was at the UPGS conference in Salt Lake City. At the time, I thought it just concerned the records in Poland. I didn't realize it concerned Roman Catholic records everywhere!

Elizabeth said...

I heard this too, and am shaking my head. Another blow for those researching Catholic records.

[giggling at Janice's comment]