Thursday, October 18, 2007


Remember what I said in the first post in this series about taking
the word “haunted” and adding a state or city’s name to it for a
Google search for a book with that title?

Well, if you search for “Haunted Massachusetts” you’ll find
there’s two books with that title: the one by Cherie Revai I’ve
previously mentioned and another by Thomas D’Agostino.
It has a stark black and white cover illustration of a lighthouse
station and is one of three books he’s written on the paranormal,
the other three being “Haunted Rhode Island” , “Haunted New
and “Pirate Ghosts and Phantom Ships” .

From a local bookseller and resident’s perspective the
Massachusetts book interests me because of its section on the
Bridgewater Triangle and on ghosts at my old alma mater,
Bridgewater State College. I have to admit that I’m a bit
skeptical about the ghost at the Student Union Center because
the building was completed after I graduated and it just doesn’t
seem right that a place that’s only 35 years old on a campus over
160 years old would be a place that is haunted!

Now if it was in the old Maxwell Library building, that I could

At any rate, Mr. D’Agostino’s book explores an interesting variety
of reportedly haunted locales such as an antiques shop in
Plymouth and the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River. All four of
his books are published by Schiffer Books in soft cover and the
prices on the three New England books are $12.95 while the
newer pirate book is $14.95.

Schiffer also publishes other regional paranormal books in the
same price range, including books on ghosts in cities such as
Baltimore, New Orleans, and Austin.

And remember, all are orderable at your local bookstores if they
don’t already have them in stock. Go haunt a bookstore!

Next in this series, I’ll discuss a book that has a genealogy and
family history connection to the Salem Witch Trials.

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