Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sometimes, the pieces of the genealogy puzzle just seem to fit
together with a life of their own.

I decided to search again for my ancestor Amos
Upton in the Revolutionary War Pension File. He hadn’t been
there the first time I’d looked but Footnote is still updating
those files so I checked, and voila…there it was. As I read it
I found he’d been a resident of Norway, Maine which I hadn’t
known before.

So while I downloaded the images of the file, I did a search on
Google and found A History of Norway, Me. by David Noyes
on Googlebooks. There is quite a bit of information about Amos
in there as well as some on his son Francis. This brought me to
Amos’ granddaughter, Hannah, who I didn’t know much about
other than she had married Cyrus Moore and that their daughter
(my great great grandmother) Betsey Jane had been born in
Waterford, Maine.

The Amos Upton file was still dl so I tried searching Googlebooks
for Hannah Upton & Waterford. I found The History of Waterford:
Oxford County, Maine by Henry Pelt Warren and on pp 273-274
in the Records of Families I found a Hannah Upton who married a
Cyrus, son of Stephen Moore and Millie Davis. There were two
younger Moore children listed, daughters Betsey and Jane.

Perhaps Betsey Jane Moore had been named after her aunts?

By this time the Amos Upton file was all downloaded so I decided
I’d blog about this and then turn in for the night. I’ll try to find
more Moores in the next day or so, but if this pans out I now know
the names of Cyrus Moore’s parents, which I hadn’t before tonight.

Ah, serendipity!

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