Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Alright, I'm faced with some roadblocks on both my maternal and paternal lines. My mother was a White and her father walked out on the small family during the Great Depression. My mother and uncle never talked about their father around me and when they did it was very little and usually preceded by a few choice terms I won't repeat here. Both my parents and my uncle are deceased now so that avenue of questioning is closed to me.

And on her mother's side we can only go back one more generation to the McFarlands who came over from Ireland.

My father was a West and while my Aunt Dorothy (and others) have traced the line back to John Cutter West on the 1837 Maine Census, none of us who've climbed that family tree have been able to find his parents or a record of his supposed birth in Plymouth, Ma. in 1802. It's through his marriage to Arvilla Ames that I can trace my descent from many early Ma. colonists. And his grandson, Philip Jonathan(my great grandfather) married Clara Ford Ellingwood who is another link to the early settlers.

Besides my aunt's earlier research I have a copy of a book on the history of Wilson's Mills, Maine and a book on the Dunham and Ellingwood families (more on these later.) I have a copy of the marriage certificate and divorce decree of my mother's parents. I also have a copy of the 1880 census with my mother's grandparents the McFarlands and their children alive at that time listed on it.

I've two letters from relatives on each side of the family with information on births, deaths, and marriages.

So while I have some brickwalls I also have more information than many others have when they started up.

When I began my genealogy work I used an older computer
jokingly known as George but recently he has been replaced
by Elaine, a Christmas gift from some of the best friends I could
have ever have. And my sister and her family gave me a nifty
printer/scanner/fax machine which I've named Newman. These
make things much easier and I can't thank them all enough for it.

I also have a secondhand laptop I call Kramer which is the backup

And there it is. What I have information wise and what tools I have to work with while climbing my family tree. .

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