Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Every once and awhile I come across something or another on the internet that sets my mind to wondering about the posssible ties to my family. For example:

My great grandfather P.J. was married twice. When my greatgrandmother Clara died in 1899, he was left with my 6 year old grandfather and 4 year old granduncle to raise. But in 1905 he married Alphonsene Turgeon and were married for 36 years until her death in 1941.

While searching for any hits on the words Pingree and West,I found a website for Pineglade Lumber. It was founded in 1912 by a John C. West and Joseph Turgeon and was based out of the same area as my family.

So. Was John C. West PJ's brother? And what if any is the connection between Joseph and Alphonsene Turgeon?

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