Saturday, March 06, 2021


I know very little about Paul West. What little information I do have is from a NEHGS publication,  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Any other documents out there are behind paywalls  which I don't have the money to get past right now,

My 4x great grandfather Paul West was born on 28Jan 1765, in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. He married Hannah Crowell on 15Dec, 1791 . I don't know where the marriage took place yet but since both families originally came from the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts it's a good  possibility it happened there. They were married 33 years and had 10 children, all but one of whom was born in Liverpool, Nova Scotia:

Robert was born on 18Oct, 1792,
Abner was born on 22Aug, 1794
Mary was born on 17Feb, 1797
Malinda was born on 12Jun, 1799
John Cutter was born on 8Oct,1802 in Plymouth, Ma.
Isabella was born on 16Dec, 1803
Samuel was born on 17Sept, 1806,
Thomas Hatch was born on 3Apr, 1811
Edward was born on 3Apr, 1814
Joseph was born on 9May, 1816

I have yet to find a record of Paul West's death.

That one child born in Plymouth, Ma. is my 3x great grandfather John Cutter West.

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