Thursday, June 14, 2018


In the course of googling for information about my ancesto Joseph Rogers Sr., I came across several references to the death of his sone Joseph Rogers Jr/ at the hands of a man named John Hawes. I found the following account in the book Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Massachusetts written by James William Hawes:

In the proceedings the following entry appears: "Att this Court, John Hawes, of Yarmouth, was indited for violently and by force of armes takeing away the life of Josepth Rogers, of Eastham, by giveing him a most deadly fall, on the 25 of December, 1660, in the towne of Eastham, whereof and whereupon hee did most vehemently complaine, and about 48 houres after died. The said John Hawes did put himself upon tryall by God and the Countrey. The grand jury found the bill of inditement a true bill. The names of the petty jury, or jury of life and death, that had the tryall of this case, as followeth:
  Mr. Josias Winslow, Senir,
  Leiftenant James Torrey,
  Robert Finney,
  Cornett Robert Studson,
  Ephraim Morton,
  Samuell Hickes,
'William Paybody,
  Samuell Sturtevant,
  Ephraim Tinkham,
  Steven Bryant,
  John Sutton,
  Benjamine Bartlett.
These brought in a verdict wherin they expressed that they found that the said John Hawes was not guilty, and soe according to law hee was cleared in the open Court and released

Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Massachusetts: an emigrant to America in 1635, his ancestors, including the allied families of Brome, Colles, Greswold, Porter, Rody, Shirley and Whitfield; and some of his descendants, The Lyons genealogical company, N.Y, N.Y., 1914

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