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Daniel Steele Durrie writes about my ancestor Nicholas Holt's family. Some of this either
contradicts what I thought I knew and some is brand new. I'll discuss that in a following post:

 Nicholas Holt was married in England, a few years before he came to Massachusetts. The Christiau name of his first wife was Elizabeth, of whom nothing further is known than that she died at Andover, Nov. 9, 1650. He married second, June 20, 1658, Hannah, widow of Daniel Rolfe, aud daughter of Humphrey Bradstreet. She died June 20, 1665, at Andover.

He married third Mrs. Martha Preston, May 21, 1000. She died March 21, 1703, aged 80 years.

Nicholas Holt lived to a good old age, aud died at Andover, January 30, 1685, aged 83 years. He had the privilege of seeing his family grow up to manhood and womanhood. Of his ten children, eight were married and had families, one died before one - year of age, and one probably died unmarried. As the infirmities of age came upon him he distributed his property to his children, and they agreed to provide for his comfortable maintenance as well as his wife if she survived him. There is no will on record. in early life he probably carried on the business of a tanner, as that calling is attached to his name on the ship roll. While in the prime of life, he was engaged in agricultural pursuits; a few years before his death, in dividing his property among his children, he styles himself "Dishturner," probably a manufacturer of woodenware.

CItildren of Nicholas1 (1) Holt and first wife Elizabeth.
2. 1. Hannah2 (12) prob. eldest child b. in England and came with her parents to Mass. She m. March 8, 1669, Robert Gray then of Salem, Mass., who d. at Andover 1718, aged 80. In 1660, he was fined for attending a Quaker meeting. His father-in-law, March 10, 1680, deeded him lands in Andover, at which time he was a resident of that place. His children were born in Salem and recorded there. 4 ch.

3. 2. Elizabeth2 (16) b. at Newbury, Mass., march 30, 1036; m. by Rev. Simeon Bradstreet, Oct. 26, 1658, Ralph Farnum of Andover. She d. at Andover, Aug. 26, 1683, aged 47. He d. at Andover, Jan. 8, 1692. 7 ch.

4. 3. Mary2 (23) b. at Newbury, Oct. 6, 1638; m. at Andover, July 5, 1657, Thomas Johnson. She d. at Andover, Nov. 15,1700. He d. same place, 1719, aged 88. 6 ch.

5. 4. Samuel2 (29) b. at Newbury, Oct. 6, 1641. He m. Sarah Allen her name, and date of m. not recorded. He d. at Andover, Nov. 7, 1703, aged 62. She d. at same place, April 3, 1716, aged 70. His father by deed, dated June 16, 1682, deeded him one-half of his sixty acres of upland, on which his house then stood; one hundred and thirty acres of his great division; one-half of his meadow called Ladle meadow, and various small pieces. In consideration of which, he was to pay fifteen shillings to the town and church yearly, as a part of his rate to the ministry, and twenty shillings a year to him, the said Nicholas, for his maintenance. Samuel and wife were members of the Congregational church in 1686. He was made a freeman, 1691. 2 ch. ,

6. 5. Henry2 (31) Andover, 1644; m.Feb. 24,1669, Sarah, daughter of William Ballard. She d. at Andover, Nov. 25, 1733. He d. Jan. 17, 1719, aged 75. They united with the Andover church, June 3, 1716. He was a prominent man in the town, and his name is frequently found on committees. In 1686, he received permission to erect a mill on Ladle brook. His father deeded him a portion of his estate, 1681. 14 ch.

7. 6. Nicholas2 jr, (45) b. at Andover, 1647; m. Jan. 8, 1679, Mary probably dau. of Robert Russell. He d. at Andover, Oct. 8, 1715, aged 68. His wife d. April 1, 1717. Sept. 9, 1684, his father deeded him "one-third of the farm where he now dwells," also several parcels of land, also his dwelling house with "ye cellar rooms and Leantowe, and other convenience of house room adjoining." -In consideration of which Nicholas jr. agrees to fulfill certain conditions, and to provide for his father until death, and afterwards to pay a certain sum to his mother-in-law. 11 ch.

8. 7. James2 (56) b. at Andover, 1651; m. Oct. 12, 1675, Hannah Allen, who d. Sept. 30, 1698. He d. Dec. 13, 1690,-aged 39 of Small Pox, on which day his youngest child d. of same disease. Himself and wife united with the Andover church 1686 (North Parish). lie received from his father, April 15, 1681, by deed, a portion of his estate. He left no will. His property was appraised at £230:10. 7 ch.

9. 8. Priscilla2 b. at Andover June 20, 1653; d. Oct. 16, 1653, aged 4 months.

Children of Nicholas Holt (1) hij second wife Hannah.

10. 9. Rebecca2 b. at Andover, Nov. 14, 1662. No further information is found on the records. She probably died young.

11. 10. Johns (63) b. at Andover Jan. 14, 1003—4; m. July 3, 1685, Sarah Geerey. He d. March 10, 1687, aged 24. His widow m. 2d, Nov. 2, 1687, John Preston. He received from his father, June 19, 1685, a portion of his father's estate. 2 ch.-pp11-13

A Genealogical History of the Holt Family in the United States: More Particularly the Descendants of Nicholas Holt of Newbury and Andover, Mass., 1634-1644, and of William Holt of New Haven, Conn, J.Munsell, Pub., Albany, NY, 1864 

To be continued.

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