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I haven't been able to find any records of the birth, marriage, or death of my 9x great grandfather
Thomas Tuck. What I have found for him are court records. Lots of court records. Besides the
story of his theft of a church bell from the yard of Richard More, I found these court  appearances
in Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 1 1636-1656:
COURT HELD AT SALEM, 31: 10: 1639. (Sep 1639)
Micha Iver v. Tho. Tuck. Slander. Wit: Jno. Cook, Mr. Clark's man, Charls Turner and Mr. Pester's man. John Webster and Thomas Oddingsall, absent witnesses.-

COURT HELD AT SALEM, 1 and 2: 11 : 1639. (Dec 1639)
Tho. Tuck v. Micha Iver. Slander, viz: “ y‘ he war drunck, respited a little.”Micha Iver bound in 201i. to answer Tho. Tuck at Boston concerning money that Tho. Tuck wants. “ See Jn° Cooks deposition.” Thomas Tuck bound to prosecute. [Said Iver was strongly suspected by Thomas Tuck and others of taking away certain silver.

Geo. Dill fined 40s. for “ drunkenes, & to stand att the meeting hous doar next Lecture day, wm a Clefte stick upon his Tong, & a pap[er] vpon his hatt subscribed for gross || prmeditated I. Lyinge." Mr. Humphreys’ security.

J no. Cook same as above. His master Clark to pay. Neglect to pay, to be whipped.

Tho. Tuck same as above, except the paper is to be marked simply " for Lyinge," and “ noe cleft sticks on his tong.”

Micha Ivers same as Tho. Tuck. He places as security his lot in the cove near Mr. Holgraves, by Dixies, also one-half an acre of land upon the neck toward Winter harbor that he bought of Geo Dill.

COURT HELD AT SALEM, 27 : 10: 1642. (Dec 1642)
Thomas Tuck‘ fined for drunkenness and common tippling....Wit: Charles Turn[er] and Walter Knight.-

COURT HELD AT SALEM, 27: 10: 1643. (Dec 1643)
Walter Knight, John Leech, sr., Peter Simes and Thomas Tuck, presented for living absent from their respective wives, were discharged.-

COURT HELD AT SALEM, 9: 5: 1645 (July 1645)
Warrant to Salem constable, dated 29: 3: 1645, to summon Thomas Tuck, Roger Dewhurst, Edward Wilson and Robert Knights, for excessive drinking of sack, six of the company having drunk a gallon at once. Wit: Roger Dewhurst and Robert Knights.-

COURT HELD AT SALEM, 1: 5: 1652.(July 1652)
Thomas Tuck fined 20s. for being drunk. Wit: John Grover, Math. West and Roger Conant. The wife of John Lovet, living on Cappan sid by the highway, testified that she saw Goodman Tuefe [Tuck ?] go reeling, not able to walk in the highway, being very much overtaken with drink and accompanied by his father, Samuell Archer.

Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 1 1636-1656
Essex Institute, 1911 Salem, Ma

That last entry is of special interest. Fathers in law were often referred to as "Father" in colonial documents, so I may now have a clue to the identity of Thomas Tuck's wife.

And all this in just Volume 1 of the Essex Court Files.

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