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I have other ancestors who lived in Lancaster, Ma. during King Philip's War, some of whom died.
So it didn't come as a complete surprise to find out my 8x great grandfather Jonas Fairbanks was one
of those who had perished. Luckily, he'd already fathered  his daughter, my ancestor Hezadiah

 Lorenzo Sayles Farbanks has two sections on Jonas in his Genealogy of the Fairbanks Family in America, 1633-1897 . First this:

Jonas, the third son of Jonathan, removed to Lancaster in 1657, and became the progenitor of numerous families scattered through the New England and Western States. He signed the Covenant Mar. 7, 1659. In his family there was good ancestral stock on both sides of the house. He was a strong man, both in his mental and his physical personality. It may be presumed that he had received as fair an education and training as were afforded in the new settlement of Dedham where, as we know, the school and the church went hand in hand with the founding of homes, while his earlier education was no doubt begun in England. In short, he was qualified to be what he was called, "one of the fathers of the town." His wife was a daughter of John Prescott, who, as the historian declares, "was a rare type of man, the ideal pioneer." "Not one," he says, "of the famous frontiersmen, whose figures stand out so prominently in early American history, was better equipped with the many qualities that win hero worship in a new country than was (he) the father of the Nashaway Plantation." The story of his life is indeed interesting, but only this bare glimpse of his character can be given here.pp15-16

Genealogy of the Fairbanks Family in America, 1633-1897 American Printing And Engraving Company, Boston, Ma. 1897

In another section he gives more information, plus lists the children:

4. JONAS FAIRBANK, of Dedham and Lancaster, Mass.
Born in England; came to Dedham with his parents; removed to Lancaster in 1657; signed the covenant March 7, 1659, and was "one of the fathers of the town." He was a farmer, and, it is believed, also a carpenter.

In 1652 he was fined for wearing great boots before he was worth ;£200, which was contrary to a sumptuary regulation of the government of Mass. ordered in 1651. He was killed, with his son Joshua, by the Indians Feb. 10, 1676, during a raid upon the settlement. See biographical sketch, ante.

He married, May 28, 1658, Lydia Prescott, daughter of John Prescott, who came from Sowerby, Parish of Halifax, England. She was born in Watertown, Mass., Aug. 15, 1641. After his death she married Elias Barron, of Watertown, afterward of Groton and Lancaster.
1. Marie, born 20: 4 mon., 1659.
2. Joshua, born 6: 2 mon., 1661; killed by the Indians, Feb.10, 1676.
3. Grace, born 15: 9 mon., 1663.
4. Jonathan (12), born 7:8: 1666.
5. Hasadiah, born Feb. 28, 1668; married John Moore, of Concord, Jan. 1, 1698.
6. Jabez (13), born 8:11: 1670 ( ? ).*
7. Jonas, born 6:3: 1673. He was of Watertown in 1695-6, when he sold to his brother Jabez of Lancaster land in Lancaster, formerly of his father, Jonas. He died, probably, Sept . 13, 1697, and was buried in his brother Jonathan's lot in Lancaster.

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