Saturday, April 27, 2013


It took me a few days to find the roster of men who served under  William
Tyng. I started a Google search for the Granite State Magazine Vol 1 mentioned
by Wilson Waters but couldn't  find it at first, and when I did, it didn't have the
list. Finally I changed the Google Search to "Granite State Magazine" + "William
Tyng"  and found it. It was in Volume 5, not 1, and  it was part of a text of a speech
entitled "The Snow-Shoe Scouts" given by George Waldo Browne before the
Manchester Historic Association. (Browne was a historian and novelist whose
novels were based in New England history and melodramatic in the style of the
ate 19th and early 20th century.) I immediately recognized some of the last names
as names on my family tree. First, here's the list, with the name of the towns where
the soldiers lived in boldface, and men who I thought could be my relatives in boldface

John Shepley
Peter Talbird
Josiah Richardson
Saml. Chamberlain
Ebner. Spaulding

Henry Farwell
John Spaulding
Jona. Butterfield

Stephen Keyes
Timothy Spaulding
John Spaulding, Jr.

Benony Perham
John Richardson
Paul Fletcher
Nathaniel Butterfield
Stephen Pierce
Henry Spaulding

Jonathan Parker
Ephraim Hildreth
Nathaniel Woods
William Longley

Jonathan Page
Joseph Parker
Nathl. Blood
Thos. Tarble.

Richard Warner
Saml. Davis
Joseph Guilson
Joseph Perham
Joseph Lakin
James Blanchard
William Whitney
Eleazer Parker
Saml. Woods
John Longley
John Holden
Thomas Lund
Joseph Blanchard
Joseph Butterfield
John Cumings
Thomas Cumings
John Hunt
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Richards
- Granite State Magazine Vol5 p14-15

Out of forty four men under the command of William Tyng, there were eighteen
with last names on my family tree.

Now the question was how might these men be related to me?

To be continued.


Apple said...

Thank you for taking the time to create this list. I recognized many of the last names and it will be interesting to see if/how they connect with my tree.

Maryellen said...

I am descended form the Spaullldings of Chelmsford Ma. I wonder if you and I are related? Your blog is very interesting. Mary Ellen Aube