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I've found a lot of family history in the Records and Files of the Quarterly
Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts over in Google Books. Some if it has
been full stories, and some, like this one, are tantalizing tidbits that give
some information but leave me wondering about the parts that are missing.

This one is from a court session in June of 1667 and involves my 8x great
grandfather, Edward Colbourne, the first of my Coburn ancestors here in
America. Apparently he had serious problems with his neighbor Daniel

"Daniell Gresier gave bond to the treasurer of the county that he would on or
before the last day of the week at night remove himself and family from the
place where he then lived and never to come within ten miles of the place.
Further to appear at the next Ipswich court to be examined concerning the
misdemeanors he was charged with and to be of good behavior toward all,
especially toward Edward Colborne and family. Expenses at Mr. Gidneyes,
3s. 6d.*

*Edward Colborne's bill of cost, 1Li. 10s. 6d.
John Morrill, aged about thirty-five years, deposed that he heard Daniell
Gresier say that he would make Edward Colborne suffer for his labor, and
the latter said he could not do it unless he burned his house or destroyed
his cattle. Sworn, 26 :4 : 1667, before Simon Bradstreet.

Alexander Tompson, aged about forty years, and John Coburne, aged about
twenty-one years, deposed that they were in Edward Coburne's ten acre
corn field, and found that the Indian corn had been pulled up, it seemed by
men's hands or hoes. Further that Grasier and wife said that they would be
revenged for a cow that had been taken away, and she told her husband to
shut up the hogs and not let them go out until they were yoked, and that
the hogs could not get into the corn field, also that Grasier and wife Nel
and her son were not at meeting, etc. Sworn, June 24, 1667, before Daniel

John Clarke, aged about forty-five years, deposed that Daniel Grasier said
that he must do Coburne some scurvy trick to pay him for what he had done
about the lease. Deponent said he must not revenge himself that way, but
he said it would do Coburne good for he would repent and God would forgive
him, and he felt called upon to do it for good people's sake and to be true to
the country, etc. Sworn June 24, 1667, before Daniel Denison.

Ann Haget and Deliveranc Tomson deposed that they heard Kate Greene say
that Coburn had done them wrong, etc. Sworn, June 25, 1667, before Daniel

Daniell Black deposed that when at work for John Merrill, etc. Sworn, 26 :4 :
1667, before Simon Bradstreete."

-Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts
Volume 3 (Google eBook) Essex Institute, 1913 p430-431

And I'm left wondering what started all this!

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