Monday, November 15, 2010


We'll be getting snow up here in New England soon so I'm
taking advantage of good weather on my two days a week
off while I can. Last Thursday a ride over to Hingham to
Turkey Hill and the Weir River Farm Reservation. It was
about a half an hour drive there and the last part of it was
up the winding Turkey Hill Lane past the New England
Friends Home to the top of the Hill.

My friend Curtis told me the view was great at the top of
the Hill and it sure was the case. I stopped first at the top
of the field above the Farm. A sign next to the path told
me that it had recently been woodlands but it was cleared
to help restore the habitat of vanishing New England
wildlife that flourished in the fields and meadows of farms.
Much of the farmland of the 19th century was reclaimed
by the trees and now 60% of Massachusetts is woodland.

I skipped visiting the barnyard and drove further up the Hill to the top.
You can see quite a distance out towards the Atlantic Ocean and across
towards the Boston skyline from there. And while the recent storm had
stripped much of the foliage from the trees, there was still splashes of
gold and yellow among the dark green of fir trees.

While it was a sunny day there was still a very brisk wind and I wanted
to make another stop before heading home, so I didn't go too far along
the trail down the Hill. I plan to return here (and to the other spots I've
visited recently) in the Spring when the weather is warmer and the
daylight is longer.

I got back into my car and drover further down Rte228 to Hull and
Nantasket Beach to watch the surf for awhile. That storm I mentioned
earlier was still affecting the ocean and I wasn't alone admiring the
view of waves breaking against the rocks below the seawall.

So that was my Thursday Road Trip, from open meadows and forests
to ocean waves less than an hour from my apartment!

You can read more about Turkey Hill and Weir River Farm at:

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