Sunday, October 10, 2010


Having failed last Sunday in my quest to find the gravestone of my
distant cousin James C Gurney, I returned to Mt Pleasant Cemetery
in Rockland determined to succeed today. It was another perfect
Autumn Sunday afternoon; a cloudless blue sky, temperatures in
the 60's and more trees whose leaves were turning from green to
orange and gold. When I drove Ping the Wondercar  into the
Cemetery, the only other living beings there were a lady walking
her dog slowly along the road.

I had much better luck this week than last. I'd noticed a large
grave monument with the name "Paine" facing the road as I
pulled to a stop. I knew that James Gurney's daughter Clara
had married George Paine, and I reasoned that if this stone was
theirs, the Gurneys should be buried nearby their daughter. I got
out of the car and noticed that the gravestone was surrounded
by a cement curbing. I walked around the other side of the stone,
and there engraved on that side was the name Gurney.

This is what was engraved on the Gurney side:

James Calvin Gurney
November 3 1831-February 8 1912

His Wife
Rebecca J. Foster
May 13 1831-December 13  1909

Their Daughter
Myra E Gurney
July 26 1850-March 22 1872

On the other side, it reads:
George L Paine
September 20 1856-February 10 1922

His Wife
Clara A Paine
September 2 1857-October 25 1933

James L Paine
November 28 1880-September 5 1963   

There's grave markers in the ground by the stone on the
Gurney side. They read to the left of the step, left to right:

To the right, the first two stones are covered but the third
one is "JLP" so the first two must be for George and Clara.

So, having found what I came for, I took my pictures to
send off to cousin Chris Dunham. I spent a few minutes just looking
around, took a few pictures of the foliage, and then headed on out
for my next stop, the laundrymat

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Carol said...

Congrats on the find! And, what a glorious fall day you had. WIN WIN!!