Thursday, March 11, 2010


It’s taking me a bit to get back into the swing of things since I came home and my late
night genealogy blogging and research have been on the backburner in favor of sleeping.
But it’s my day off today so I am hoping to get a post or two done today!

I’m starting off with a late(nearly a week!)response to Randy Seaver’s latest Saturday Night
Genealogy Fun
challenge over at his Genea-Musings blog:

1) Pretend that you are one of the subjects on the Who Do You Think You
Are? show on NBC TV.

2) Which of your ancestors (maximum of two) would be featured on your
hour-long show? What stories would be told, and what places would you visit?

3) Tell us about it on your own blog, in comments to this blog post, or in
a Note or Comment on Facebook.

Well, this a no-brainer for me; I’d have them tackle my two big brickwalls.

First off, we’d have the experts research my ancestor John Cutter West. We’d start off
visiting the places in Maine that were important in his life:

Sumner Maine where he married Arvilla Ames in 1827.

Upton Maine where they and their family lived.

The roadside cemetery where he and several of his children are buried, The story of the
terrible diphtheria epidemic of 1862 would be told.

Then we’d travel to the NEHGS to meet with experts who will have found at long last
records of John Cutter West’s place of birth in Plymouth County Massachusetts and
the names of his parents.

The segment would end with a visit to whatever town where John was born and perhaps
the graves of his parents.

The other segment would be a search for my maternal grandfather Edward Francis White
Sr. This would take place mostly in the Boston area and look for the answers to:

Where did his parents come form?

Who did he marry after his marriage to my grandmother Aggie was over?

How many children did he have in his new family? What were their names and do I have
cousins living near me? Do they even know about Edward’s first family? Would they
want to meet his other grandchildren, my sister, my brother and myself?

When did Edward die and where is he buried?

The program would end with a visit to his grave.

There it is. Not so far to travel but it would answer so many questions for both sides of
my family!

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A rootdigger said...

yeah, if they could use their resources to help. No kidding. I myself have a few. If I had the money, I could hire someone in germany to find the info. Actually, I can get with it and write some letters.! Do it the old tried and true way. It may still cost me as a donation to a church or two.
That is a nice concept isn't it. and did you have fun writing that one.

And of course what did you learn form all this interest in this relative once it is all done.? Please don't flick or play with the hair like Sarah Jessica Parker was always doing distracting me....[ I like the show]And appreciate the dramatic history issues which always come up.]

It is a good idea for a blog. Should I write about the villages who lived next to a concentration camp at Belsen. One topic never mentioned at home over the dinner table.