Saturday, July 04, 2009


Live, on line from "West in New England", it's the "Just Make Up Some Genealogy Lyrics"
Geneamusical Extravaganza!

((The show's title flashes across the screen as the Genealogy Flutaphone Band plays what
sounds very much like the old "Lawrence Welk Show" theme.))

Welcome, ladies and gentleman to our show. We have a bunch of talented guys and gals
with some great geneasongs, so let's get the show started, shall we?

First off, we have Jasia over at Creative Gene. Seems "She's Got the Pole World on Her
and is going to tell us all about it!

Wunnerful, Wunnerful!

Next, for your geneamusical pleasure, we present the Perle Mesta of the geneablogging
world, fresh from a hit appearance in Burbank. It's Thomas MacEntee of Destination:
Austin Family with his rendition of "If They Could See Me Now!"

Our next performer is a rising star in the geneablogging community. Give it up for Mary
over at Ancestor Tracking for her beautiful vocals on "Oh Family Tree!"

Wasn't she just wunnerful?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a pleasure to introduce the next performer and her geneasong.
Please welcome the rock and roll stylings of footnoteMaven and her tribute to great-
grandmother, "Runaround Lu"!

A show like this wouldn't be complete without a medley of old geneastandards! Who
better to perform it than genealogy Rockstar Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings
who performs his hits "Searching" and "Ge-ne-al-o-gy"!

Wow! These kids these days and their genealogy rock! Now we'll return to Broadway
inspired music as the lovely Donna from What's Past is Prologue talks about her
research in the song "My Favorite Finds".

From Broadway we now turn to Hollywood for geneamusic inspiration. Join Leilani of
the Ka'aihue Genealogy Project on a genealogy treasure hunt in "Keep Searching for Me!"

And now take a moment to listen as Amanda of A Tale of Two Ancestors sings about
her ancestors in her genea-composition "They're Mine".

Lisa has blogged about her immigrant ancestors on 100 Years in America and now she
puts their story to geneasong in "100 Years in America the Beautiful"

Hasn't this been a great show so far, folks? But wait! Don't touch that mouse, there's more
to come!

Our next geneasong comes from our Canadian friend M. Diane Rogers of CanadaGenealogy
or `Jane's Your Aunt'
who treats us all to a traditional rendition of a "round" with "James Battice, James Battice." I promise you, folks, you'll be humming this one for a long time!

Here's geneablogger Cindy Henry of Mountain Genealogists who's done "a lot of looking" for
her family tree. Give a listen as she sings all about it!

Of course we're performing our Geneamusic Extravaganza on July 4th, and here now to
help get us into a geneapatriotic mood is Colleen McHugh of Orations of OMcHoday with
a rousing "The Battle Hymn of The Hodicks, O'Rourkes and Doyles"!

Our geneasongs run the gamut from traditional to rock and roll, but what geneamusical
extravaganza would be complete without paying homage to the great Gilbert and Sullivan?
Karen Rhodes of Karen About Genealogy will now step up to our geneablogger microphone
and show us how it's done because she's the very model of a modern genealogist!

Finally, me and the boys in the Genealogy Flutaphone Band would like to draw our program
to a close with our rendition of "My Favorite Names" from West in New England.

Well, folks, we've come to the end of the first "Just Make Up Some Genealogy Lyrics
Challenge" geneamusical. I hope you've enjoyed the show, and hopefully have been
inspired to write your own genealogy lyrics.

My thanks to all the talented folks who took part.

Until next time, remember to keep researching your family with a song in your heart!

((Cue bubble machines as the Genealogy Flutaphone Band plays "Goodnight Ladies",
then fade to black...))


Janet Iles said...

Your introductions to the song entries was wunnerful. I admire the creativity of each person who submitted an entry.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

You guys are so silly. Thanks for sharing a funny today - very creative, guys!

Anonymous said...


That was fun! Wunnerful!


Bill West said...

Thanks, Janet, Elizabeth and

footnoteMaven said...


Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, a one and a two and a . . . wunnerful wunnerful geneamusical extravaganza.

Can't wait until next time. A great job, Bill!


footnoteMaven said...

And who would have thought it would take 5 more years to "Play it again, Bill!