Sunday, December 28, 2008


The topic of the 63rd Carnival of Genealogy is our New Years
Resolutions for our genealogy research. I thought I'd look back at
last December's list and see how I did before making the 2009
list with how I did in boldface:

"Well, it’s that time of year when folks make New Year’s
and we genealogy bloggers are busy making our lists.
So here’s mine.

One, to break that John Cutter West brick wall.
(nope. not yet)

Two, to spend more time on my maternal line. I’ve found so
lately about Dad’s side of the family that I feel like I’ve
the Whites and McFarlands. So I’ll research more and
blog more
about them and try to break down those brick walls
as well. (not
much progress here.)

Three, to get my files better organized and correctly cite my
(umm...yeah...needs work still)

Four, try to make it out to Ohio some time next year to visit

with my Aunt Dorothy and my cousins, including Diana and
(Yes! Had a great time and you can read about it
in my
Road Trip series of posts.)

Five, try to get OUT to do research at the BPL main branch,
NEGHS, the Massachusetts State Archives and the
Family Search Center. (I made it to the Hingham
FHS Center
twice and that's it.)

Six, get all the pictures scanned. I am considering rearranging

my work station. At present, the printer is on the top shelf and

getting up and down to place or remove pictures may be good
my health but it sure slows down the process. I may swap
fit where the cpu sits on the desk. As a result, still have
waiting to be scanned.)

Seven, come up with more genealogy related uses for flutaphones!
(Sucess! But I'm worried about Janice Brown who instigated
my flutaphone
list. Janice, where are you? We miss you!)

So, we’ll see how well I’ve done by next New Years!"

So given the successes and failures of this year's list, here's the
resolutions for 2009:

One, keep chipping away at the John Cutter West brick wall.

Two, do more research on my White and McFarland ancestry and blog more
on them.

Three, well, exact same as last year, work on organizing my files and
source citations.

Four, stay in touch with Aunt Dot and the rest of my Ohio relatives and share
what I find about our family history with them.

Five, get out to the Hingham FHS, the NEGHS, the Boston Public Library,
the Mass State Archives. I'm also adding the Boston Archdiocese Archives
when it reopens sometime next year.

Six, work on getting all the pictures scanned.

Seven, try to keep from getting bogged down on Facebook with application
requests. To that end, I'm not accepting any new apps. I hope this doesn't
offend anyone whose invitations I decline but when the requests get up into
the 70 and 80 request range, it cuts into the research time.

So those are my genealogical resolutions for 2009. Let's see if I can do
better with them than I did with the 2008 list. Tune in next year to find out!

Written for the 63rd edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.


T.K. said...

Ah, Bill, I have at least one resolution that dates all the way back to ca. 1963, although I don't call it a resolution anymore. It's more of a pipe dream! ;-)

You're right, it's been pretty quiet in Cow Hampshire lateley!

Apple said...

I hope uou make some progress on John Cutter West! I sometimes think I'll be scanning for the rest of my life! I hope you do better at it than I.

footnoteMaven said...

I have tried to locate Janice with no luck. Snowball fights just aren't the same with out her.

Also, I have just given you the Proximidade Award. Drop by for more information.


Professor Dru said...


Best wishes in accomplishing your 2009 genealogy goals.

You're right--Facebook and other web activities can be quite time consuming. We got to cut back somewhere, so good luch in keeping this resolution.