Saturday, August 23, 2008


These are some photos I took at Yoder's farm. The bedroom
and kitchen are part of the original farmhouse built back in the
1830's. The country side in the area is beautiful as I've already
commented several times. But hey, it's true!

The waterpump stands between the old house and a newer one
built around 1860. If you look carefully you can see the old boot
being used as a planter holder. There were several of these also
among the flowers and bushs around the house.

Cheryl took pictures as well and got some great shots and I might
ask her if I can post them here.

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When I saw your post was entitled "Yoder's Farm," I said to myself -"Nah, that couldn't be the Yoder's farm down in Ohio's Amish Country." It's kind of exciting to see another geneablogger covering an area that I know. I live a few hours north of Holmes County and of course, I've been there many times. I look forward to reading the rest of the posts from your trip.

I hope my fellow Ohioans are treating you very well.

PS The Amish cheese is excellent!