Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I read with interest Randy Seavers’ account of’s
recent dealings with Michael John Neill at over
his use of images from Ancestry of WW1 draft registration cards
and other records on his web site.

Seems parent company The Generations Network threatened
legal action over the material even though Ancestry was properly
credited as the source and the usage was in a free advertising for
the usefulness of an Ancestry subscription.

I’d done a post awhile back about the information I’d found on the
draft registrations of my grandfathers and granduncles and I
couldn’t recall if I’d posted an image, so I checked. I hadn’t; I’d
only posted what information I found.

I’m not sure what to make of all this. I have one of Ancestry’s free
memberships which basically is just to keep my family tree posted
there but I’m not a fan of hardball corporate tactics. I’m thinking
of finding another home for that and then changing any reference
to Ancestry in this blog to “A Subscription Genealogy Service That
Shall Remain Nameless”.

Hey, it’s late and I’m grumpy!

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