Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Recently I took advantage of the month’s free membership
at and posted my family tree there. This led
to my First Adventure in Creating a GED file and it didn’t
turn out too well.

As I’ve mentioned in my initial post to this blog, my finances
are rather limited so I have used the free Personal Ancestry
File as my genealogy program and it’s worked quite well for
me. But the GED file creation and I didn’t click and instead
of sending the partial tree with ancestors from the Mayflower
on down to the A*******.com site I somehow managed to send
the whole dang PAF. Now this is not a total disaster but it is
a tad embarrassing since there’s a lot of people from before
the Mayflower who just might not be ancestors at all.

Like Odin.

Simply put, when I first began online research I could find
that was possibly even remotely related to my family. As
might be seen from the time of this post, I do a lot of my
online stuff very late at night after work and there’s a
tendency to just grab as much as possible with intentions
to sort it out when I have time on a day off or on vacation.
So there were a lot of things on the tree I would rather not
have posted online.

On the other hand…

It’s up. I’ll try to trim it as opportunity permits. So if you
run across it, pay no attention to anything pre-17th century.

You don’t seriously believe I’m related to Odin, do you?

But if you do, I have this Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla for sale.


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