Monday, October 14, 2013


On Sunday I got into my car Ping II (AKA Pingzinga) and set out for this year's
New England Geneabloggers Bash at Sara Campbell's place on Cape Cod. I took
the old prehighway route down on Rte 18 to Rte 105 to Rte 6 and then the MidCape
Highway. While it was overcast here in Abington the further south I drove the
brighter the skies became.  I've driven the northern stretch of 105 before but
the stretch I drove Sunday was a revelation with some nice scenery, a lot
more farms than I expected, and some very large lakes. I also passed about
four or five cemeteries that I will try to visit in the coming weeks.

I reached Sara's cottage about midday, and by that time the weather was
sunny and milder than I expected for Cape Cod at this time of year. There
were fewer people there this year; many of those who attended last year were
unable to be there this year because of trips abroad or prior commitments. But
while the gathering was smaller it was just as much fun as last year. There was good
food and good conversation as we talked about things that sometimes make our
non-genealogist friends' and families' glaze over when we try to describe just what
it is we find so interesting about family histories. We even had Heather Wilkinson
Rojo checking in with us from Spain via Skype. I spent the afternoon swapping
stories with Sara Campbell. Erica Voolich, Diane MacLean Boumenot, Barbara
Proko, Bevlynn Gallant, and Jill Bowden.

On the drive home I took the highway most of the way home until I hit the Rte 44
exit and got off there for a pit stop. From there I took the back roads home which
got me to Hanson, Ma. where I stopped long enough to take a picture of a beautiful
sunset before continuing on home.

A perfect ending to a great day!


Heather Rojo said...

Thanks, Bill! I was hoping you would post about your day with the GeneaBloggers. I don't feel like I missed out now

Sara E. Campbell said...

It was great to host my genie friends! I especially love the photo of your hands on the camera on the computer screen :) I couldn't help showcasing my new gen shirt from Cafe Press "I Want 1890 Back."